e-Portfolios can help your Career

Online Education

While students are embracing this new way of learning with open arms, they are still exploring the possibilities online or distance education can offer. E-portfolios are one such example. And students are either unaware or ignorant of them. But it is true that e-portfolios can help your career.

Secrets to develop Knowledge and Skills

Lesser known benefits of online learning

In this digitally connected world, gaining knowledge and developing your intellect take much less effort than it used to. Students can access information with just a click. And such information can provide them with more opportunities. Hence, students need to take full advantage of this information about secrets to develop knowledge and skills.

Becoming a successful Online student

Routines and technology can be fun

To be a highly successful online student, you need to follow a set of rules. Without these rules or steps, it is easy for anyone to stray from their path. So, what are these steps? Let’s find out.

Using smartphones as an Educational Tool

Online School is the future

The evolution of online learning has made smartphones an important tool for education. While some support this growing usage of smartphones in the education process, the others stand against it wholeheartedly. To be honest, using smartphones for academic purposes has its own ups and downs.

Unique Strategies to make Studying easier

Online school, online classes and online tutoring

Our brain works in mysterious ways. Using the right techniques and training your mind can make things pleasurable for yourself. So, what are these techniques and unique strategies to make studying easier? Let’s find out.

Online Education prepares students for Real World

Online Education

With the evolution of online education, a number of universities have now set high standards for themselves. They are trying to take things a step further and are offering privileged benefits to their online students. These benefits also include career guidance and placements. Therefore, in a way, online education prepares students for Real World.

Incorporating VR into e-learning

Open Learning

Online or virtual education has changed the way we learn. It has removed the limitations of traditional face-to-face learning and created, through technology, a world of endless possibilities. The technology has evolved to a point where we can create virtual environments to further our experience of Virtual Reality. This is like creating a 3-D virtual environment through which we can experience places, events and also communicate with people. Next big thing right now is incorporating VR into e-learning.

Building a relationship with your Teacher

Parent-Teacher association

Teachers are like mentors – they can help you stay ahead of the curve and guide you in your career. Sometimes, you need a guide to building a relationship with your teacher when it comes to online classes.

Myths about online learning debunked

Routines and technology can be fun

And while more than 5.8 million people in the USA alone are enrolled in at least one online learning program, these myths and misconceptions have led several people to refrain from taking up an online course. Today, we are going to debunk some of these myths and misconceptions so that you feel more confident about the whole virtual learning experience. Let us take a look at these myths about online learning debunked.

Social Media for better Learning Experience

Social Media

Unlike traditional face-to-face learning where the teachers and students are physically present, online learning is totally virtual. Hence, students are more likely to lose focus. So, how do we change this? How do we increase the engagement level of students and better the communication between teachers and students? Incorporating social media for better learning experience with online classes can help this cause.